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Sirjan Pistachio Gohar daneh Kavir company is an authentic company in producing and exporting of Pistachio with the best quality in Iran. this company is acting by using modern facilitie in producing term. Manager of this company Mr. Sajad Barani ( Sirjan Pistachio fraternity secretary ) has started his activity by assossiation of his father Mr. Mansour Barani ( Sirjan Pistachio fraternity veep) since 1996.

This company has earned a lot of experience in context of pistachio producing by using modern technology for providing and exporting its crops to different countries in the world.

Sirjan Gohar Daneh Kavir productions are completely sanitary according to expanded standards for providing and categorizing. and even this company can export its crops to countries with severe rules for sanitary like euorpean countries too.

The Iranian Pistachio industry
Pistachios have been cultivated in Iran for thousands of years. Commercial cultivation of pistachios started expanding in Iran about one hundred years ago and production and exports have grown ever since. Currently, annual pistachio production in an "on" year is up to 280,000 metric tons, from orchards in Kerman, Yazd, Khorasan, Fars, Semnan, Markazi and some other provinces. Kerman has the dominant share of orchards and production. Improvements in the planting , cultivation and harvesting of pistachio orchards , as well as the increased mechanization of processing plants has insured better yields for producers and higher quality pistachios for customers . Most pistachio exports are in bulk: raw dried pistachios, roasted pistachios and pistachio kernels . Pistachios are exported according the buyers' requirements and standards, provided they meet the minimum Iranian national standards.

Iranian Pistachio Exports
Iranian pistachios dominate the international trade in pistachios. Iran is the largest exporter of pistachios of the world. The main markets for Iranian pistachios are China, Russia, the Middle East and Europe. From the 2008 crop of 280,000 metric tons, nearly 220,000 metric tons of Iranian pistachios were exported.

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Top five destinations for Iranian pistachio exports in 2008

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