Varieties of Iranian Pistachios

the four main varieties of Iranian pistachio have differing characteristics and properties , below is a brief explanation for each:

  This cultivar is the most widely available variety of pistachio and grows in most pistachios growing areas in Iran. The nut is round. This pistachio is around type, and comes in the following sizes: 28-30, 30-32, 32-34. Size 26-28 is also available in small quantities.
Kalleh Ghouchi

  This type of pistachio tree has a good yield , and the nuts are jumbo type . Sizes are 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 with 18-20 being available in small quantities.

  this is a newer variety with good yield and with long , large nuts (sizes : 20-22 , 22-24 , and 24-26 , with 18-20 is also available in small quantities .
Ahmad Aghaei

  The newest commercial variety , very popular with the farmers , because of high yield and its shorter time to reach production . it is very popular in some markets like India and Greece . it is a long pistachio type with sizes :22-24 , 24-26 , 26-28 and 28-30 , with 20-22 being available in small quantities .
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